Herdsman was selected as FORMOSA Beauty alliance

Herdsman Media Conference, the product launch of PSK with international media


Founded in 1973, Herdsman Enterprises has over 40 years of history. Thanks to the Malaysian couple's effort and persistence in the production of high-quality cosmetics, BEANNE is well-known in ASEAN. In the past, BEANNE pearl cream was one of a few safe products in the market that has the function of skincare and makeup. Even when the market is inundated with cheap mercury-containing pearl cream, BEANNE still insists on using the best and valuable ingredients that were completely without mercury. Despite the many false duplicates in the market, BEANNE insists on its high-quality image, and is now the number one pearl cream brand in Southeast Asia.


In the course of product revolution, the new MIT not only improves on the classic products but also passes BEANNE’s promised quality to the young brand – PSK, affordable high-quality skincare products for the younger generation. PSK's products contain ingredients comparable to medical cosmetics, and are presented with high-class packaging at attainable price. PSK gives the traditional pearl cream a new look by using Deep-sea red algae as its ingredient. The new Pearl CC Cream gives young generation a chance to explore the beauty power of pearl cream.


With the continuation and innovation, PSK decided to launch into more skincare make-ups in 2017. Containing pearl extract, the White Dolls Lotion Essence helps even skin tone, giving an even, radiant complexion. It takes only a minute to complete skin care and make up process. Another innovative product, the Makeup remover cream, has both benefits from makeup remover oil and lotion. Emulsified quickly and easily, it removes the layers of dirt which block skin pores and gives fresh and glowing skin.


Certified by many health authorities in various countries, Herdsman Enterprise stands proudly on the global stage with its MIT brand name. Long-term persistence and strict quality control earns the enterprise National Products Quality Guarantee Golden Award, Golden Torch Awards, and Shanghai Beauty Expo’s Innovative Cosmetic Product Gold Award out of 3,000 brands over the world. These many prestigious national and international awards strongly acknowledge the efforts of Herdsman Enterprises.


Through high quality MIT products, by delivering the brand philosophy of BEANNE and PSK to the world, Herdsman Enterprises wishes to promote MIT cosmetics via the Formosa Beauty Alliance to many more corners of the world.